Advocates of drug policy reforms have been very successful this year, with marijuana being legalized and narcotics being decriminalized.

The California state senator has taken inspiration from other states such as the decriminalization of psychedelics in the District of Columbia as well as the decriminalization of hard drugs in Oregon.

He will now be taking up the challenging task of decriminalizing psychedelics in the state of California because he believes that the war on drugs is a massive failure.

If the senator succeeds in passing the bill, this will be a significant moment in the fight against the country’s obsolete drug policies. This move would also result in the state being the largest in the country to decriminalize psychedelics.

The founder of Zide Door Church of Entheogenic Plants spoke on the matter, believing that their movement has progressed a lot considering there is a possibility of taking initiative through legislature instead of voters.

This will prove to be a taxing challenge for the senator. Even though California is known to have a more friendly approach towards drugs, it will be very difficult to persuade politicians to speak on such a controversial matter.

Previously voter initiatives have been the only path for drug reform activists, however, this process requires gathering hundreds of thousands of signatures for their proposal to be considered for the state’s ballot.

A drug reform initiative from Oregon costs around $5 million and if this amount is compared to the size of California and a population of 40 million people, then a missive amount requirement will emerge.

Local measures are not as effective in decriminalization as statewide policies. The most local officials can do is direct their police officers to reduce the priority of a few drug crimes.

However, the police departments are not obligated by state law to comply. In Oakland, police officers raided the Zide Door Church of Entheogenic Plants and confiscated $200,000 worth of drugs.

Drug reform activists owe the progress to awareness about drug use among the people. Many people found out that marijuana is also used medically to treat several diseases, and this led to further questions about the possible benefits of other drugs.

According to research, scientists believe psilocybin could help in treating depression, addiction, and post-traumatic stress disorder, however, legal barriers prove to be major hurdles in their study.