Camden, County – A raging fire destroyed N.J auto auction warehouse on Oct 6, Tuesday night. The massive destruction compelled the authorities to close Route 130, Southbound lanes on Wednesday early morning – officials reported.

At around 10:30 pm, the state authorities immediately called the firefighters to extinguish the fire in 6600 block, South Crescent Boulevard, at Pennsauken’s auto auction building in, Camden, County, New Jersey.

The videos received from the live scene showed the warehouse engulfed in destructive burning.

Joseph Palumbo, the Pennsauken Fire Chief, told the news reporters, “We had several explosions in the building due to cars being stored in the building,”

The massive fire destroyed at least three well-established businesses in the building. The firefighters were sent to the nearby areas to ensure prevention against the fire spread- said Palumbo.

“Other than some of the debris that was coming off the building, embers and such, smoke that was traveling into this residential neighborhood behind us.We had a couple of engine companies deployed to that neighborhood for the patrol to make sure there was no exposure problems.” Palumbo revealed.

Till now nobody, including the firefighters, has suffered any injuries. Fortunately, no one was there at the building when the warehouse caught fire – officials reported.

As for now, all lanes, including Route 130 of Southbound lanes, will remain closed, and officials suggest detouring northside of Route 38 for safety concerns – says the New Jersey Department of Transportation.