Wonder Woman fans indeed know a lot about her, but there are a bunch of incredible things about her that seem to go over most fan’s heads.

The origin, powers, and family background of Wonder woman have drastically changed over time. The Wonder Women belonged to the Golden age, Post Crisis of Infinite Earth, Post New 52, and the Silver age are all unique. Due to that reason, it is challenging to keep track of her powers and capabilities and the strength she currently possesses. 

Since Wonder Woman was featured in 1984, several questions have been raised questioning her real powers and capabilities. Some ask, can wonder woman fly? Or What the thing with her and the lightning? Let’s debunk all the theories and find out what her real and current powers are. 

1. Power of Flight?

Can Wonder Woman Fly? Of course, she can. At least that’s what the DC’s comics claim. Flight is one of her current superpowers. Though this was the case, Pre Crisis of Infinite Earth Wonder Woman couldn’t exactly glide like the way she does in the latest comics because she flies by Stradling on the air currents, like the Wonder Women of 1984 did. Hermes Post Crises gifted Wonder Woman the flight power.

2. The Sight of Athena

Wonder Woman’s powers are not just limited to friendliness, empathy, and compassion for others. Still, she is bestowed with the empathetic powers from the Athena Goddess called “The sight of Athena”. This power allows her to read other people’s emotions and keeps her from various types of mind-control. This one is the Post Crisis Superpower that she got as the Golden age one had been hypnotized on several occasions in the comics. 

3. Omnilingualism

Most of you might not know that Wonder Woman, after getting gifted with the power of Wisdom, received the power of understanding multiple languages. On some occasions, she could understand alien languages, and sometimes, her power also included communicating in a cave man’s primitive language. 

4. Power of Astral Projection

The Wonder woman from Crisis of Infinite Earths can travel to mysterious and mythical places and communicate with others. She has the power to rescue people from hell as she did for Artemis. Though there is a downside to this superpower, during Astral Projection, she stays vulnerable physically and whatever happens to her stays forever. Fortunately, her durability deals with that.  

5. Capable to Fight when Blinded

The Goddess of the hunt, Artemis, bestowed Wonder Woman with an enhanced sense of listening, sense of smell, touch, and taste. At one point, she had to permanently blind herself to fight with Medusa. Thanks to her enhanced senses, she successfully fought the battle. 

Apart from all these, Wonder Woman is capable of communicating through Telepathy. She used this power to talk with the Lasso of Truth. It was supposed to link her with anybody wrapped in the Lasso’s coil. Though, the most adorable power of her would-be animal rapport. She can talk to animals and empathize with them. Since she was the daughter of Zeus,  manipulating lightning is her other superpower. Lastly, she is a demigoddess who has Aphrodite’s beauty, Athena’s Wisdom, and earth’s strength. Her incredible powers make her equally powerful as Superman.