PayPal and Amazon are two of the new era’s giants, and you would think that you might easily utilize them in tandem. However, it is not that straightforward.

Can you use PayPal on Amazon? No, you cannot actually connect the two accounts – but there are some workarounds.

This post would demonstrate how to check out on Amazon with PayPal, either using a PayPal card or an Amazon Gift Card. Additionally, it will introduce one alternate card from Wise.

Is PayPal accepted on Amazon?

The answer is no: Amazon explicitly notes that it does not recognize PayPal as a payment method when you make a transaction on Amazon, you will not be presented with PayPal as a payment choice.

However, there are a variety of workarounds. If you have funds in your PayPal account that you want to use on Amazon, you might be in luck. In a second, we’ll go over a couple of available options.

Why is it that Amazon does not accept PayPal directly?

It’s infuriating, isn’t it? There is no definitive response, although some context could better clarify the possibility: PayPal began as a subsidiary of eBay – which was, and continues to be, a significant competitor of Amazon. Thus, adding PayPal may have benefited one of Amazon’s primary rivals.

There might be another explanation now – Amazon is moving into yet another field – online payment. If Amazon Pay gains traction, PayPal and Amazon may increasingly appear to be direct competitors.

How to make a PayPal payment on Amazon?

Can you use Paypal on Amazon? You will pay with PayPal on Amazon in a variety of ways. All of the solutions make use of the alternative payment methods that all of these firms provide. You may:

  • Utilize a Paypal Cash Card or a Mastercard Business Debit Card.
  • Utilize the Paypal Key
  • Purchase an Gift Card

How to Make an Amazon Purchase With a PayPal Cash Card

A PayPal Cash Card is a prepaid card available to PayPal consumers in the United States. As anticipated, it enables you to use your PayPal funds to make purchases in shops or online. And, of course, like a regular debit card, you can use it on Amazon just like every other card.

That’s an excellent option if you frequently have funds in your PayPal account that you’d like to utilize on Amazon. Of course, the downside is that it adds another collection of card data to recall and carry. Obtaining a whole new card is arguably a drastic option if the sole purpose is to purchase items on Amazon.

Similarly, you might have the PayPal Company Debit Mastercard, which functions similarly to the PayPal Cash Card but is designed only for business customers.

A different kind of card that you can use on Amazon

If you’re contemplating having a debit card to use with Amazon, you shouldn’t assume PayPal is your only choice. Additionally, Wise sells a debit Mastercard that can be used in both web and offline shops.

Additionally, whenever you pay in foreign currency, you will still get the true exchange rate. Indeed, the card is linked to the Wise multi-currency account, which simplifies the process of sending and receiving foreign payments.

Making a PayPal Key Purchase on Amazon

PayPal Key is a completely different approach. This is a virtual card that can only be used online or over the phone, so you won’t be carrying around an extra piece of plastic. It is Mastercard-compatible, which means that you can use it digitally much as a regular Mastercard – which means that paying on Amazon is a breeze.

This is potentially less bothering than obtaining a fresh debit card, and therefore a more simple method for making payment on Amazon.

Amazon Gift Card

Alternatively, you should pay via PayPal early in the purchasing phase. Amazon Gift Cards are readily accessible online, including If you purchase one from a place like Bundle or My Gift Card Supply, you can pay with PayPal. On eBay, you can also purchase Amazon gift cards.

And you should simply use your Amazon Gift Card. You can apply a Gift Card to your Amazon account balance at any time, and the balance will be applied to potential purchases. Here’s how to do it step by step:

  • Sign in to your Amazon account by visiting the Amazon website.
  • Pick Your Account by clicking on your name (top right corner).
  • Proceed to the Gift Cards section.
  • To retrieve the gift card, enter the code and press.

May PayPal Credit be used on Amazon?

In reality, this is not possible. PayPal Credit is an exclusive service that enables you to use your PayPal account to make credit purchases, much as you can for a credit card, just at PayPal-accepting merchants.

Since Amazon is not a PayPal-accepting merchant, you cannot use PayPal there. If you choose to use PayPal Credit to make Amazon transactions, all of the workarounds mentioned above must be used.

That is not really a smart idea: using PayPal for Amazon orders is only worthwhile if you have funds in your PayPal account to invest. Otherwise, it’s actually cheaper to use a regular credit or debit card.

Using PayPal on Amazon in conclusion

So, will PayPal be used on Amazon? Sort of, but it’s not just as easy as pressing the “Pay with PayPal” icon you were hoping to see.

However, there are also several pretty straightforward and easy ways to use your PayPal balance to purchase items on Amazon.

Do you want to make payments in several currencies? Utilize Wise

Banks and firms such as PayPal also charge exorbitant rates for international payments. And if you’ve ever attempted to manage several accounts in multiple locations, you know how difficult it is for the majority of providers.

With Wise, there are no recurring payments associated with creating a multi-currency account. There, you can handle and transfer several currencies from a single account. Throughout the world. Unlike PayPal, there is no spread on currency conversions, ensuring that you only get the mid-market exchange rate.

Consider the advantages of a Wise multi-currency account and begin saving today.