Travelers had to cancel their preplanned trips because of COVID-19. Travelers are anxious about facing forfeits of cancelation, postponement, and having to reschedule their travel plans.  Not only international traveling has stopped but also a sudden drop has been noticed in the domestic flights as well. Tragically many travelers, who have booked ahead, are stuck now as their insurance does not cover pandemics but there are a couple of things you can do.

1: Reaching your airline for a refund

With the whole world on halt and all the flights canceled the airlines are battling with the downpour of calls which is troubling travelers who want to cancel or postpone their trip.

Since travel restrictions are fluctuating and airlines are urging people to call only if they have to travel within the next 3 to 5 days. Most of the airlines and travel companies are automatically refunding the canceled or missed flights due to coronavirus. Be sure to check the policy of your airline. Best to be patient as call centers are flooded as well.  

2: Do not accept the travel vouchers

As it is obvious that airline companies are going broke and they will go to any lengths to avoid cash refunds. They are instead offering travel vouchers to people who are illegal and these airlines have also been given notice by the State’s transportation department.

If your airline is refusing to pay you can file a complaint which is generally answered within three days or you can open a dispute for a refund through your credit card.

3: Do this if your miles expired due to canceled schedule

Most of the travelers transfer airline miles and usually book up-to months ahead of time. Most of the people did not get their miles back in the accounts when flights were canceled by airlines. Some of the airlines have extended the expiration dates but not all of them. If you have miles that are to-be-expired soon you can contact the loyalty program of your airline and ask for an extension.

4: Do not expect consistent cancelation and refund

 As new cases of the coronavirus emerging every day, the airlines are turning favorable for their travelers. Yet the refund and cancelation time may vary because the policies are changing every day. If your flight isn’t canceled now it is very likely that it will be canceled within the next few weeks. If you hold on to your flight reservation the company might call you first for cancelation increasing your chances for refund instead of vouchers. Keep checking the company policy and if it doesn’t suit your needs the wait till it works in your favor.

5: When it will be safe to travel

With this pandemic hovering over the heads only much-needed travel is allowed. It is not certain when it will be safe to travel normally again. It is best to plan the trips months after the restrictions are lifted just to be safe.