Investigations are currently being conducted on the recent attack on the US Capitol by a mob of angry Trump supporters. Law enforcement agencies have made multiple arrests, following the revelations made by a group of white supremacists that they had been planning – the siege for weeks – online.

House Democrats are demanding that President Donald Trump should be impeached for encouraging the riot that resulted in several serious injuries to people, and five casualties. Some of the Republicans are also in support of this demand.

According to Rita Katz, Director of the SITE Intelligence Group, one of the organizations that monitor white supremacist activities, has reported that the attack was planned for a month in advance. She also continued to say that her organization had informed the police about the attack, but the Capitol police were still unable to handle the situation.

As reported by a Defense official, 25 individuals from military troops were also involved in the riot. The Pentagon and the Justice Department are currently investigating the possibility of troops supporting the riot.

Two men, one from Tennessee and the other from Texas have been charged with breaking into and remaining in a prohibited space. They were also seen in possession of plastic restraints.

The North Carolina Police Department has also informed the federal law enforcement agency that two of their police officers were also involved in the siege. Members of the Black Lives Matter protested outside the police department to demand that the officers be held accountable.

The White House has lowered its flag to pay tribute to one of the police officers who passed away due to injuries sustained during the siege.

The CEO of a tech company from Chicago has also been fired from the company, and he’s under arrest. A teacher from a school in Pennsylvania has also been suspended and is currently under investigation.

Hollywood celebrities have also condemned the siege. Arnold Schwarzenegger, an actor, has compared the attack to one by Nazis in 1938. He also criticized Trump.

Pope Francis also conducted prayers for those who passed away as a result of the riot. He proceeded to criticize the movement and the violence that followed.