Captured Russian soldiers were seen sobbing on live TV while apologizing for invading Ukraine and killing thousands of Ukrainian people including children.

Captured Russian soldier begs for forgiveness for Ukraine invasion

The captured troops from Russia also confessed that the invasion order directly given by Russian President Vladimir Putin was a “terrible mistake.”

“I apologize for myself, for my squad to every home to every street to every citizen of Ukraine, to the elderly, to women, to children for our invasion of these lands,” one of the soldiers, Galkin Sergey Alekseevich, 34, said emotionally.

“I gravely apologize for our treacherous invasion. To the generalship of our military units, I would like to say one thing — that they’ve acted cowardly, that they acted traitorously to us,” he said.

“I would like to say to all regiments of the Russian army: lay down your arms,” Alekseevich added. “And Russian president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin stop further combat actions. Stop bombings, stop sending soldiers here to kill civilians, to perform airstrikes.”

Alekseevich is believed to be one of the seven officers captured last week. Another soldier was seen on TV named Maksim Chernik belonging to the 16th motorized rifle brigade of Russia. He stated that “it was a terrible feeling to realize what a mistake we had made.”

‘Simply understanding that all this has to be fixed, the relations have to be improved somehow,” he said. “This will take more than one year. It will take decades, maybe centuries. I simply don’t want to exist after all of this after what’s going on here.”

After the videos emerged on social media of captured Russian troops, the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy called out the Russian army to surrender.

The Ukrainian president hinted about a progression in the peace talks and negotiations between the two countries. The negotiations between Ukraine and Russia will continue on Tuesday as well. The Ukrainian president called the progress between the diplomats of the two countries “pretty good.”

Seven reconnaissance soldiers were captured by Ukraine last week and were presented in front of the press. The soldiers demanded a peace treaty calling out invasion as a mistake while sobbing and apologizing for killing innocent civilians including children.