As it looks for ways to improve safety in wake of coronavirus outbreak sources say.

Carnival Corporation is considering temporarily limiting the number of passengers on its ships when they begin sailing again. The company would do so by preventing passengers from booking certain cabins.

There are two possibilities which include passengers to book only cabins with access to fresh air. Before the carnival halted its new sailing in march the coronavirus spread to over 1000 passenger and crew members on carnival owned ships like a diamond princess, Ruby princess, and Costa Luminosa.

The company was criticized for its way of handling the coronavirus pandemic. The carnival’s CEO Arnold Donald argued that they are consistently followed the guidelines established by the World Health Organization WHO and Centers od Disease Control and Prevention CDC to fight with the global pandemic of coronavirus.

The carnival also plans to check the temperature of the passengers before they board the ship. When the cruise resumes the company had previously introduced a pre-boarding temperature check across its nine brands in the response to pandemic coronavirus. The coronavirus has shut down the cruise for the past month as many cruise lines.

Last week CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued an order that could ban cruses in us controlled waters until July. Carnival lost $781 million between December and February, compared to $336 million profit made the same year. Many customers canceled the cruise during the first two weeks of March chose to receive credits for future cruises instead of cash refunds.

The CEO of carnival Arnold Donald said to an interview with CNBC on Tuesday that the company has enough money to survive the scenario in which it earns no revenue for the rest of the year after drawing $3 billion from its credit lines and raising $6 billion in debt and equity. This company carnival also cut the pay of executives and some ship-based workers.

Since the beginning of this year, the carnival’s stock price has declined by around 75% on Wednesday afternoon. Like all other economies, the global pandemic situation created by coronavirus also affects the carnival cruise very badly. Because everything is observing social distancing in order to stay safe from the pandemic situation of coronavirus. Carnival’s economy is seriously affected by the global pandemic coronavirus.