Despite the rise in coronavirus cases, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has stuck to its previously issued mask mandate. In a statement issued to reporters on Thursday, CDC Director Rachelle Walensky confirmed that masks are only imperative for the unvaccinated lot.

Walensky’s comments come in light of recent rumors surrounding the Biden administration strengthening mask mandates as the delta variant further spreads around the country. In spite of the White Houses’ views, Walensky reaffirmed that all data is being checked and at present, there is no such need for altering mask guidance.

People who have taken both doses of the vaccine are much safer and thus, a serious mask mandate isn’t required, said a confident Walensky. However, she later added that areas with low levels of vaccination rates require unvaccinated individuals to wear masks, whilst vaccinated people can “add an extra layer of protection,” on their own choice.


On Thursday, President Joe Biden said that the White House is assessing all current happenings and policies will be revised accordingly. 

In May of this year, the CDC made an announcement where fully vaccinated individuals were said to be safe without masks in different indoor settings.  But, since then, the delta variant of the virus has rapidly spread amongst the masses and has gone to show a much higher infection rate.

Although health officials have vouched for the effectiveness of the vaccine, the Biden administration has been under increasing pressure to reduce the outbreak and protect the younger lot, who are not yet eligible for vaccination.

Jerome Adams, a former surgeon, said that the CDC must review its decision of the mask mandate as there has been a rapid rise in coronavirus cases. Additionally, an opinion article by Adams states his profound regret for not asking Americans to wear masks “earlier in the pandemic.”


  1. You people haven’t had a clue on what you are doing from the start of this whole pandemic let’s open international travel that was really smart NOT!!!!!!!! let’s open the country up as if the virus didn’t exist another smart move by our highly intelligent government NOT!!!!! most importantly let’s lift the mask mandate for fully vaccinated people ummmm quick question did ya think that the non vaccinated people were gonna continue wearing there mask like I said nothing our government nor the cdc has done has made any sense

  2. CDC is in the 3rd term Obama Administrations pocket! They have this communist shit down pat!

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