The pandemic has taught us many things; one we learned is to help others in times of need. Covid-19 causes many changes including the shortage of economy, businesses, and busts ourselves by sticking at home. As the pandemic hits, the world faced a shortage of normal supplies such as masks, hand sanitizers, and kits. The more consumption of things, the more it demands the supply. Thanks to our fashion industry which creates an auxiliary effect to the society. They started making masks that one can easily buy online.

The pandemic came up with serious and severe effects. It also showed that there are people around the world who can help and donate to our society. Some Hollywood celebrities and fashion designers start making masks. Some also provide charitable donations on the sale of masks. It is certain that people do need masks to prevent themselves from the disease. Thus the helping hand provided by the member of society came along with the magic. Karolina Kurkova is a Czech model and actress, made an alliance with a brand Billie Blooms in order to help those who are in need.

In her selling mask campaign, she uses a hashtag “Mask4all” which says

 I wear a mask for me
I wear a mask for my family
I wear a mask for my community
I wear a mask for all

The cost of a mask is $20 and on each mask sold, one will be donated to that that needs the most. The brand has also made an alliance with Feeding America to help those in Miami and New York.

Michael Costello, a designer who is a motivation for many now, is also making masks and donating them. He has donated across the hospitals, to the LAPD and many other places. This is a fight against coronavirus and which will be won on our own.

Not only these, but many companies around the world have also been making masks and donating them to those in need. Many local workers while staying at home make masks at home and donated to the hospitals and many other places. The affiliation and affinity of people is helping to fight against coronavirus.

As the pandemic rises around the globe, with the suffering of the economy, people lost their jobs. For many, the job is still not over. The hospitals are filled with healthcare workers and staff, grocery stores are open and medicine suppliers didn’t stop. They are the one who needs help from us right now. Thus the bet donation goes to those who need the most.

Thanks to the fashion industry and designers who on their own took a step forward and makes us fight against the deadly disease. These steps will not be forgotten.