Kroger is giving customers, employees, and people who receive the shot a chance to win $1 million or a year’s worth of free groceries as part of a nationwide campaign to get 70% of the US population vaccinated against COVID-19.

The sweepstakes are being presented in partnership with the Biden Administration as part of the president’s effort to get the United States closer to herd immunity-the point at which a sufficient number of Americans are immune to the new coronavirus that it cannot spread.

Beginning next Monday, Kroger will award ten more winners a $1 million reward and a year’s worth of free groceries. The store will hold five weekly lotteries throughout the year, eventually giving five $1 million prizes and a year’s worth of food to 50 more winners.

The campaign’s details and guidelines will be unveiled next week, and it will be promoted on social media using the hashtag #CommunityImmunity. Individuals who have already received vaccinations are also qualified to enroll in the sweepstakes.

Since December, Kroger has supplied over 4.6 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. It started vaccines in January in Ohio.

Kroger began this year by offering workers a $100 incentive to get immunized.

Kroger relaxed its obligatory mask requirement for staff and consumers who had received vaccines last week, as vaccines became increasingly popular.

Kroger executives claim the campaign was conceived after the Biden Government sought to inquire about ways to increase vaccination rates among Americans. Biden has said that by July 4, he needs to have at least 70% of the US population have had at least one vaccination injection.

According to the HHS, businesses such as Kroger are stepping up to promote vaccines. It further said that to vaccinate more Americans and contribute to the end of this epidemic, we must all play a role, and it’s fantastic to see Kroger use creative techniques.

Kroger executives said that the firm is funding the initiative on its own as a responsible corporate citizen and is not getting any tax breaks or other government incentives to do the giveaway.

The CEO of Kroger, Rodney McMullen, said in a statement that the sooner we achieve community immunity, the sooner we can all enjoy special occasions, live music, and backyard barbecues. He said that this is another way we are contributing to America’s recovery from the public health catastrophe and resuming normalcy safely.

Apart from Kroger shops, the Cincinnati-based retailer owns and runs many regional grocery brands in 35 states, including QFC, King Soopers, Smith’s, Fry’s, Mariano’s, Ralphs, Harris Teeter, and Fred Meyer. The corporation has roughly 2,800 outlets and employs around 500,000 people.