On Thursday evening, a meeting of House Republicans was held behind the closed doors to listen to the candidates running for the No. 3 role which was formerly occupied by Rep. Liz Cheney, who said in an interview that she would contest for president to keep Trump away from the White House.

Members of the Republican Conference are scheduled to vote on Friday morning secretly to nominate a new replacement, with New York Rep. Elise Stefanik to continue to be the leader amid concerns about her conservative credentials from some members.

Cheney was asked three times whether she was planning to contest for presidency in order to stop Trump from regaining the office. She replied that she will do anything and whatever it takes in this regard.

Cheney stated that she is committed to reestablishing our party as a party that fights for honesty and constitutional basic values and that she would not allow the ex-president or someone else to destabilize our democracy.

She also criticized Fox News for its analysis of the 2020 presidential election and shared her reasons for coming out so publicly against Trump.

She said that it is imperative for us to be united against Biden’s policies and it is certainly not possible by fostering lies. Cheney further asserted that it is impossible to do so if we cease to learn from the elections in 2020.

Cheney also mentioned that Fox News had a unique responsibility to ensure the public that the election was not robbed.

The Republicans met in the Capitol to listen from lawmakers hoping to succeed Cheney as speaker, while she described her unwavering position on Trump and pointing out his fabrications regarding the election outcome — a debate that took place on a different frequency, concentrating on retaking the House and that too without depending on Trump.

Rep. Chip Roy has said that it is about holding a vigorous debate and conversation regarding the conference, about House Republicans and about pushing the nation forward. He joined the campaign with the fear that Stefanik will run unopposed. He insisted on having discussion and elections.

Although McCarthy framed the expulsion of Cheney as a matter of solidarity, the party’s decision to do so may prove more unsuccessful at sustaining the message since Cheney can now use her microphone to attack Trump without the constraints of a leadership position. She is scheduled to participate in further interviews in upcoming weeks.