Cherilyn Sarkisian, popularly known as Cher, is an American singer and actor who has been in the news recently for rescuing the world’s loneliest elephant Kavan. With the help of her parents, she co-founded a charity, Free the Wild, through which she brought Kaavan back home.

Being in the news, she also gave an interview to CNN in which she discussed multiple phases of her life before announcing the big news at the end of the interview.

During her interview with CNN, Cher talked about her son’s gender identity. Gender identity is a hot topic and people have different opinions about it. While talking to the interviewer Christiane Amanpour, she revealed that she was not okay when her daughter wanted to transform into a man.

During the interview, Cher recalled the time when Chastity came to her and told her that she wanted to become a man. The popular actor among the LGBTQ community shared that she wasn’t easy about it, but then suddenly everything changed.

Her daughter, known as Chastity assumed a new identity of a man, and today he is known as a popular actor Chaz Bono.

Other than talking about her son’s gender identity, she also shed some light on her political views. She was asked what she thinks about the President-elect Joe Biden? To this, she replied, she knows Joe for the past fifteen years, and she adores him. Moreover, she added, though people are making things difficult for him. However, he will come out victorious and he is keen to take measures that will be good for the Americans.

As the interview went on, she was also asked about her stardom life. To which she showed her joy and contentment while revealing about her directorial debut. Although she didn’t reveal much about it, the 71-year old actor was excited about her new venture. It would be her first directorial effort after 1996.

Moreover, she also revealed that she is currently working on an album simultaneously. When she was inquired about it, the pop goddess revealed that she went to her doctor before deciding to launch another album to check if her voice is still as strong as before. When she went to him, he showed her cords and told her that her chords are still as young as the chords of 25-27 years old girls.

Other than this, she ended the conversation with a piece of news that would sadden her fans. She said it could be her last album because you never when your voice goes away.