CHICAGO – Three people, including two teenage boys, got badly injured in a shooting incident near Little Village, Southwest Side, on Wednesday afternoon.

“3 Injured, including 2 Teens, in Little Village Shooting”, NBC Chicago Tweeted, just a few hours following the shooting.

On Wednesday at around 2:00 pm, a 68-year-old man and two boys both were 17 got shot while strolling on the 26th street, 4000 blocks. As per the police investigation, a dark color car stopped in front of them, and someone inside opened fire.

One of the two boys, got his leg and shoulder injuries and was immediately taken to Stroger Hospital, said the police officials. The other boy suffered grazed on the abdomen and was driven to Mount Sinai Hospital.

The 68-year-old man who was also there during the incident got hit in the knee and was transported to the same facility.

According to recent reports, all three victims are doing better.

No one has been arrested so far, reported the Area Four detectives, investigating the case.

After this incident, on the same day, late at night, a woman was reportedly killed in a gunshot on the South Side in Englewood, state officials said.

“A Chicago shooting in Englewood tonight killed a 29-year-old woman, Chicago police”, ABC 7 Chicago Tweeted.

According to the reports received, the 29-year-old woman was at the shooting place, sitting in a car in a parking area near 7400 block of South Vincennes Avenue, around 7:00 pm when two men approached her and shot her to death.

Right after the incident, the woman was transported to the University of Chicago Medical Center where she was later pronounced dead.

The woman has yet to identify, stated the police. Allegedly, the woman was pregnant when she was shot, said the family outside the hospital. The Area 1 police are currently searching the nearby areas for traces of the shooters. However, no one is under custody so far.