Violence could not come to an end in Chicago as people continue to die in broad daylight.

In a recent violent event, a 49-years-old woman lost her life while searching for a place to park her car in a parking lot early Friday morning.

“We talked every day throughout the day. In between phone calls, text messages. She was my person. We raised our kids together,” said Tikko Talbert, younger sister. “So yeah, this is very hard.”

The slain woman is identified as Tamiko Talbert who was searching for a spot to park her car and then head for work. This had been her routine for years.

“She do her same routine every Friday and Saturday; early at the crack of dawn, so she can get into work and get out. She was a hairstylist, she had early bird clients that come early; 4:30, five in the morning,” Tikko Talbert said.

According to the authorities, as Tamiko Talbert was searching for a parking spot, a dark Dodge Durango came in close proximity to her car and pulled alongside her at Artesian and 71st, opened fire at her car, and sped away.

“My big sister, she called and she was just sounding broken,” said Tymeko Talbert, daughter. “I couldn’t get my brain to wrap around what she was telling me.”

“She’s been going to this same salon for over 20 years. She’s never had a problem. Ever. Everybody in that area knew that this is what she does,” Tikko Talbert said.

“I really am having a hard time,” Tikko Talbert said. “My sister was killed. Not, she died from sickness or illness or something, but she was killed. I can’t wrap my mind around it. I can’t.”

About ten people have lost their lives in different shooting incidents across Chicago in the previous week. The list of the slain citizens includes a pregnant woman as well as young teenage boys. No one has been arrested in connection with these shooting episodes. Chicago police have asked people to come forward in identifying the culprits but as of now, all in vain!