According to reports, as many as a dozen armed robbers burst into a business in Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood on Friday night and seized as much merchandise as they could carry.

Four persons were seen on tape rummaging through drawers and removing items that had been on display, according to officials. On top of the counter, there is another suspect, and the others are spread out around the store, snatching items one by one. It’s also possible to observe the guy reaching into a clothes rack and selecting out a variety of items.

According to FOX 32, all of the suspects left the scene and are now being sought by law enforcement officials.

A total of seven robberies have taken place in the city’s most wealthy neighborhoods in the previous month or so, according to the local television station.

A “crime pandemic” is spreading over the city, according to George Cardenas, the mayor’s chief of staff. According to reports, the murder rate has increased by 3 percent this year, and by 59 percent this year when compared to the same time last year.

According to the publication, Chicago police Superintendent David Brown declared decreasing the city’s murder rate as one of his major objectives when he took over as chief in April of 2020.

According to the Chicago Police Department, nearly 4,000 people have been shot this year, an increase over the prior year. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, more than 1,800 carjackings have also taken place so far this year.

Cardenas is pressing Mayor Lori Lightfoot to remove Brown and his leadership team if the situation does not improve fast.