The chief of the Trump administration’s vaccine program, Operation Warp Speed, predicts that the vaccine will immunize everyone by May 2021.

The vaccine development and distribution program includes government health experts, the private sector as well as the military. The chief scientific adviser of the program says that the first citizens will receive the vaccine in mid-December.

He also goes on to explain that if things go according to the plan, life in the United States could return to normal around May next year.

Pfizer in collaboration with BioNTech has developed a vaccine and they have applied for approval with the US government.

A meeting will be held in early December by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which could conclude with emergency authorization provided to the team for the vaccine.

In an interview, the chief claimed that after the FDA meeting, the first round of people will begin to be vaccinated in every state.

Priority will be given to healthcare workers and those most susceptible to the virus-like elder people residing in a nursing home. On December, 20 million people will be vaccinated, and going forward, the number will increase to 30 million every month.

Speed Predicts Everyone Will Be Vaccinated By May 2021Moderna, another pharmaceutical company, has also recently announced its vaccine and will shortly be applying for emergency authorization. The chief explains that to achieve herd immunity, 70% of the population of America needs to be vaccinated.

This percentage is likely to be completed around May. He adds that it is vital for their plan to work that people accept the vaccine.

However, the chief says he has no contact with the next government as of yet because Donald Trump is refusing to accept his loss and initiate the transition period.

Amidst this crisis, with the coronavirus cases exceeding 12 million, Maryland’s Republican governor is concerned because Thanksgiving is around the corner and people are continuing to dismiss the guidelines given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

He proceeds to explain that social gatherings are the number one cause of infections spreading among people. He adds that people do not observe the precautionary measures including wearing masks properly and social distancing.