The coronavirus has been found more disastrous than it was thought to be. After declaring a victory over coronavirus in March, a new coronavirus outbreak has threatened the country.

Due to this, China canceled more than 60% of flights to Beijing and raised its emergency warning again to the highest level.

Chinese authorities were already struggling with the disrupted economy by trying to carefully open up factories and businesses without accelerating the transmission and spread of the disease when new cases spiked in China, Iran, India, and in different parts of the United States, which now include Florida and Texas.

The fear of a second wave has risen as Asian countries including China, Korea and India reported new outbreaks.

European nations were already struggling to contain the loss caused by the first wave of the pandemic.

According to Chinese officials, the situation in Beijing has gotten extremely grave, which has rung alarm bells all over the world.

Beijing Capital Airport is considered to be the second busiest airport in the world. But approximately, 1300 flights were canceled due to the pandemic.

It is possible that international traveling would be banned again amid this second coronavirus outbreak.

The authorities have claimed to have taken every essential step to stop the transmission and spread of the disease.

Since the emergence of the disease in China, nearly 40 million people have recorded positive for coronavirus, out of which at least 1 million people have died of the disease and there were many who died even before being tested positive.

China had the highest percentage of people tested positive and in the second phase, it was the United States that got a higher percentage of people testing positive for coronavirus.