The police are yet to ascertain if the Founder and Chairman of the Yoozoo Games Lin Qi were poisoned to death or he died naturally.

The board of directors of the Yoozoo company has released a press statement earlier on December 26 announcing the death of the company’s founder Lin Qi.

In the statement, all employees of the company offered their condolences on the death of the company’s founder. Moreover, it has been reported that Lin’s colleague having the “Xu” surname has been arrested in Shanghai in connection with his alleged death.

The authorities stated that Li had been notified of suspected poisoning when he was admitted to the hospital for not feeling well on December 16, with the indications of acute illness.

 Gaming Billionaire Lin Qi found dead on Christmas DayBy December 24, Shanghai police detained another man accused of poisoning Lin. Police are investigating both men to either verify their theory. Police are reporting both of them by their surnames, but the local media is saying that the full name of Lin’s colleague who has been arrested is Xu Yao.

As for the details shared by the company management, they stated that Xu Yao is a senior executive for the Yoozoo television and film division. The crime may have been committed after a fight at the company, according to the reports. The reports also suggested that 39-year-old Lin was poisoned by a cup of fermented tea.

When the game company Yoozoo got the rights of a science fiction trilogy “The Three-Body Problem series” in 2015, they decided to develop the movie further under their own production. This is the time when they got into problems implying personnel changes at the production set up as the Hollywood Reporter stated.

Eventually, after the continuous glitches and difficulties raised by the seniors, the company sold the film rights to Netflix and the production of the video game to a Chinese company.

Lin was working to launch a high-profile project on Netflix before his death. Netflix announced in September that it will be a bestselling English book series that did well internationally too, similar to the series of” Game of Thrones”, who TV adaptation was piloted by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. Lin Qi would adapt the same for his sci-fi series project if he would be alive to see the change.