Prince Phillip’s death has left an unmatchable void in the life of Queen Elizabeth II, said Prince Andrew who made his first public appearance after giving up his royal duties over his alleged friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, a sexual offender. He addressed the public and sent a heartfelt thank you for their profound love and support on Prince Phillip’s death.

Prince Andrew also spoke to reporters in the vicinity of Windsor Castle and stated that his father was nothing short of a “remarkable man” who embodied patience, humility, and compassion all in one. He also added that his mother has shown immense courage in facing the death of her true love; one that has been by her side for nearly seven decades.

According to him, the Queen has described Prince Phillips’ death by declaring that it has cast a shadow on her life. However, he was soon to add that the entire family is extending a heart full of love and a hand full of support to her in this crucial time.  It is important to note that Prince Phillip was the Queen’s true love in the purest of sense.  His death has left a void that would remain unfulfilled for years to come and her sense of grief is “probably more than anyone else”, remarked Prince Andrew.

Furthermore, Prince Andrew also stated that he had spoken with his father just a few months before his death. He reminisces the words of wisdom that Prince Phillip had given to him back then: “We are all in the same boat, and we must always remember that.” He had further told his son that as family members of the Royal Institution, it was their primary responsibility to take initiative, be empathetic and display an exemplary example of leadership.

Prince Phillip’s death has evoked a sense of profound loss-one that has been felt by everyone who has lost their loved ones during the pandemic. This view was further supported by Prince Andrew’s younger son who claimed that the death of his grandfather came as a harsh shock.

The funeral for the ruling monarch’s husband will take place on Saturday at Windsor Castle, with no public attendance as a safety measure during COVID-19 inflicted times.