Chris Packham appeals to ban mouse traps and says the rodents should not be categorized as vermin.

The 60 years old TV presenter wants rodents to be only recognized as wildlife and should be dealt with as the same. He is battling to ban mouse traps and asking to be only used by licensed pest controllers and that too in extreme conditions.

Source: The News

The Springwatch model and nature photographer wants the parliament to pass the legislation by putting a ban on mousetrap sales which brutally kills the rodents after getting stuck on their faces.

 While describing the concept as “indiscriminately cruel” Packham told the news outlet, “Labelling mice as pests is basically a license to kill and inflict suffering on them.”

“So I’d love us to rethink rodents.”

As for now, the public can buy mousetraps online and from DIY shops. However, the legislation which is soon expected to be passed will only allow pest controllers to use it.

Furthermore, the legislation is expected to implement a law that would allow a six months punishment for anyone who uses mousetraps unlicensed.

Since the animal rights group is also backing the legislation, Chris Packham seems hopeful that with their support, he could get successful in getting the legislation passed as the one in New Zealand.

The pest controllers have to apply for a special license to use mousetraps in certain circumstances and previous year, only two were granted.

The current legislation will only protect rats and mice. It is not applicable to the rest of the wildlife – warned RSPCA.

The legislation came after Ricky Gervais filed a petition to include lab animals in the Animal Welfare Act and got enough support to reach the parliament.

Currently, the Animal Welfare Act prevents “unnecessary suffering to protect animals,” including pets and wildlife.

However, it does not include animals used for “scientific or educational purposes”.

Along with Ricky Gervais, actor Peter Egan launched a petition to change the law after a Beagle breed dog who was being under experimentation for two years was rescued. Beagle breed dogs are typically used for experiments due to their calm nature.