The incident of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock is far from being forgotten as people continue to intrigue Chris Rock and Will Smith to talk about it apart from the apologies.

The latest update comes from Boston where Chris Rock was performing his stand-up comedy nights. And for the second night in a row, people were removed from the theater for being too rowdy or yelling “F–k Will Smith”

An employee of the Wilbur Theater stated that the crowd came with “a lot of extra energy.”

“[Rock] said it like five or six times as he walked across the stage,”

“Someone yelled out ‘F–k Will Smith’ and [Rock] went, ‘No, no, no,’” said the employee.

It was Chris Rock’s first night out interacting with a live audience on Wednesday since the fiasco that took place between him and Will Smith on the stage of the 94th Oscar Awards on Sunday.

The 57-year-old comedian addressed the crowd that he was “still processing” the slap from Will Smith and it will take some time but he will definitely talk about it at “some point” in the future.

This was the first time Rock talked about the Oscars drama openly but he got back to business immediately and continued his strategy of downplaying the whole incident and focusing on his performance as the stand-up comedian.

The theater was sold out and a lot of people had come in the hope to see Chris Rock addressing the incident.

Two nights in the theater and fans were removed for getting too rowdy for calling out “F–k Will Smith.”

Emily DePina was sitting in the front row when she was removed by security.

“I didn’t do nothing. I didn’t do s–t!” “Yes, I’m drinking. Yes, I had four shots … I don’t give a f–k, I’ll be honest.”

“I paid $80 before this s–t happened,” she said, making a reference to the infamous slap.

Her friend Alana Hylton was also removed from the theater along with her.“We weren’t heckling Chris Rock. We had front-row seats. We were endorsing him, responding to his jokes. He was interacting with us but security took us out,” the resident of Boston said. “They came to us about three times. The first time, they said we were too loud, that we couldn’t interact with someone on stage. The second time, they said we were heckling him. The third time … we switched seats and then I got kicked out.