Many workers around America have to work on Christmas eve, however, this year there is a small change. If you want to make plans for Christmas eve, want to go for last-minute shopping or get last-minute gifts, go ahead and make your plan, because this year you will be getting a holiday on Christmas eve.

Although Christmas Eve is not a Federal holiday according to the law, this year all the Federal offices will recognize it as one because December 25 is on Saturday, which is already a non-working day in America.

As per the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, currently, the Federal calendar consists of 11 federal holidays which include Christmas day and not the eve. On these federal holidays, most of the non-essential federal offices remain closed while the workers are allowed to have a paid off day.

As this year, Christmas day is already a non-working day, this is why the Christmas Federal holiday would be observed a day before, which is December 24, 2021, Friday.

Well, the good news doesn’t end here, as this is the same case with the New Years’ holiday. As New Year’s day is on Saturday, which is again a non-working day, therefore, as per the Federal calendar, the New Year’s day holiday would be celebrated on December 31, 2021, Friday.

Moreover, be updated with the individual timings of the Federal and local government offices, as the time may vary. For example, the NYSE will be closed on Friday as it will be observing Christmas Holiday, while the hours of the US Postal Service office may differ and may be open for limited hours on Christmas eve and New Year’s eve. However, all the post offices around America will be closed on both Christmas and New Year’s day.