A CIA analysis says that the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin is probably directing his efforts to interfere in the U.S.elections of 2020 to assist Trump against Biden.

In August, the CIA said that Putin and his top aides are directing efforts to influence operations to aid Trump and the CIA is well aware of it.

According to the CIA, Russia’s President and his top officials are aiming at disparaging the former U.S vice president, Joe Biden. They are trying to influence the American public against Biden but, at the same time, trying to secure the public’s approval and support for  Donald Trump.

In August, the CIA with the help of the FBI and the National Security Agency had compiled an assessment report regarding the situation. Two other branches of intelligence had also reviewed the document.

F.B.I. chief, Christopher A. Wray, affirmed

Douglas London, a CIA officer reported that the analysts are confident with their analysis. That is why they have used the word “probably” for such an important issue. And that means they are not merely guessing but have some form of evidence to support their beliefs.

They said that Russia has been using a lot of measures to disparage the former vice president, Biden because they think that Biden’s administration would have an anti-Russian stand.

Biden has been supporting anti-Putin opposition in Russia that is the reason why he is being acted against by the Russians.

The report serves as a confirmation that U.S. intelligence agencies are strongly convinced by some evidence that Russia is meddling in the U.S. elections of 2020.

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Patti Smith
Patti Smith
5 months ago

Wow, why are the CIA allowing the interference, suspected,and Facebook should also keep scanning to see how all the foreign people keep infiltrating us, something is not making SENSE? We should not have worry, ABOUT Face book, and technical issues, with Government. Where does the buck stops??