With the vaccination rollout nearing its end, citizens are rejoicing as things are getting back to normal. After 15 months of rigid coronavirus restrictions, California is reopening, successfully marking its return to the pre-covid life.

From lavish restaurants to clubs and pubs, small businesses to large amusement parks; doors for a fully functioning state are now open. Many of these places have gone so far as to allow vaccinated customers to drop their masks and bask in the glory of a safer America.

“California has turned the page. Let us all celebrate this remarkable milestone,” said an elated and mask-less Governor Gavin Newsom at the Universal Studios Hollywood. To commemorate this occasion, Newsom selected 10 residents to receive $ 1.5 million, only for getting vaccinated.

The news of California’s reopening has been celebrated all across town. At Universal Studios and other amusement parks, several life-sized minions and other Avengers danced during festivities.

While California was one of the first states in the U.S to impose coronavirus restrictions, it remained the last to fully reopen after combatting a surge in positive cases that saw hundreds dying each day. Newsom spoke of the 40 million vaccine doses that have been administered to more than 70% of the adult population.

He credited the seamless vaccination rollout and the declining cases per day as the reason for reopening the country. At present, California is included in the list of states that have a low infection rate, less than 1%.

Now that California is reopening, rules on physical distancing and capacity limits have been removed at supermarkets, bars, gyms, museums, stadiums, and other public places. Although masks are not a primary requirement for vaccinated citizens anymore, many businesses and counties still require them as part of precautionary measures.

The removal of coronavirus restrictions and subsequent opening of the state has garnered mixed reviews. While many people were jovial about returning to their old ways of living, others were hesitant about the virus still being an impending threat.

In Los Angeles, a special moment of silence was observed for those who had lost their lives during the pandemic. County director Barbara Ferrer emphasized the need to practice safety measures, which include wearing masks in crowded places.

Several museums in California still require citizens to wear masks as there is still no vaccine for younger children. Meanwhile, in Sacramento, Midtown Fitness and Boxing dropped its coronavirus restrictions, but few employees inside continued to wear their masks on chins.

Since California is reopening, Disneyland opened its doors to all residents and nonresidents. The amusement park had been closed for months after the advent of the coronavirus, before recently opening for California residents in Spring.

The Park has also decided to loosen up existing precautionary measures such as temperature checks and mask mandates for guests. At present, the city’s Covid-19 infection rate is 17% lower than other states and the number of cases has also taken a sharp plunge post the vaccination rollout.