Clarence Williams III, the famous actor who played the iconic role of Linc Hayes in “The Mod Squad” died after a long battle with colon cancer.

William was 81 years old. His manager Peg Donegan released an official statement that the actor died in his Los Angeles home after his condition worsened from colon cancer.

William was born in New York City on August 21 1939 and was known for his iconic performances in theatrical plays.

He began his career as a Broadway actor appearing in “The Great Outdoors” and “Dark of the Moon”. He moved on to play the iconic role of cop Linc Hayes on the counter-culture series “The Mod Squad”. He was also known as the prince’s father in “Purple Rain”.

Clarence Williams III – the actor who gave birth to “The Mod Squad” died at age 81 The Mod Squad ran on ABC from 1968 to 1973. It was a trailblazing action-packed thriller show which was appropriate for the time as it portrays the lives of the hippie generation which was very in at that time.

Clarence Williams was married to famous actress Gloria Foster but they eventually parted ways in 1984.

There are many films and TV shows on his account such as deep cover, tales from the hood, the butler, and American gangster whereas TV shows like Miami Vice, Everybody hates Chris, and Hill Street Blues made him a household name in America;

Art and artistry ran through his blood, as he was born in a creative family and was raised by his grandparents who were into music. His grandfather was a famous jazz composer and a pianist while his father was a musician. Williams’ mother was a singer and TV actress – Eva Taylor.

Condolences and tributes started pouring in for the great actor whose career spanned over 5 decades and he was equally popular in all media; television, theatre, and film.

A celebrated soul, whose benchmark performance shaped up the industry and left an impact on everyone whose life he touched through his performance and work.

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