In the National League, Cody was removed from the lineup for this Saturday. Even though he wanted to play the game, but team’s manager Dave replaced him with Matt Beaty.

Cody Bellinger’s absence was the top news of the match. Despite his outstanding techniques and performance, he remained faltered in the first 8 games of the season. 

Over the Arizona Diamondbacks, on Saturday night, Chris Tylor hit three-run shots, Rios and Pollock added two-run, and the Los Angeles Dodger rolled 11-2 shots and won.

Cody Bellinger batted just 139 with no homers in the season’s first eight games. This is a falling performance and the coach wants him to recharge.

Dodger rolls 11-2 and winsRoberts said that Bellinger has been trying to return to his techniques that he used a year ago. His swing method seemed to be different in the initial summer camp. 

However, it is hard to get back on the same level. 

During his pregame hitting period, Bellinger tried to make a positive impact. 

He pushed a few pitches over the divider on the right side. Roberts gave a round of applause after one wonderful stretch of zoomed upswings.

Dodgers have performed well and almost all their players have hit and successfully reached the base.

However, retaining Cody looks like a workable strategy for the coach who thinks that staying back has ‘recharged’ him.