As the auspicious event of Mother’s Day was celebrated across the globe, Colorado Springs witnessed a tragic event of its kind – Seven people were killed in a shooting during a birthday party on Sunday morning.

The shooting occurred at a mobile home park where a set of families had congregated for the occasion. Jared Polis, Colorado Governor took to Twitter to write about the truly devastating incident, considering it happened on the day where mothers were celebrated for “making us the people we are today.”

The suspected shooter is allegedly believed to be the boyfriend of one of the females who also fell victim to the shooting. According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, the shooter “drove to the residence, walked inside and began shooting people at the party before taking his own life. “

Children were not harmed during the shooting. The local police released a statement after the attack, which indicated the presence of several children at the trailer who were left unharmed and are now safely in the custody of their relatives.

A massive investigation is underway to conclude the possible motive behind the attack. The police are yet to disclose the identities of the suspect and victims who lost their lives in the Colorado Springs shooting incident.

Colorado Springs Police were notified of an alleged shooting at the Canterbury Mobile Home Park close to 12:18 am local time. When police officials arrived at the crime scene, they found “six deceased adults and one adult male with serious injuries who was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries,’” read an official police statement.

Colorado Springs Police Chief, Vince Niski addressed the shooting as a true tragedy that took the lives of innocent people who had only gathered to celebrate a happy event. He added how his ‘heart breaks’ for the victims who suffered an untimely and tragic death, and for their families who lost a loved one too soon.

In addition, Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers termed the shooting as a “senseless act of violence.” He issued a public statement that declared how the community mourns the loss of the deceased and continually prays for the injured and their families.

The shooting that took place in Colorado Springs on Sunday comes just two months after the massive grocery store shooting in Colorado’s Boulder city, where 10 innocent people had lost their lives.