Colt Brennan has died at the age of 37. His father, Terry Brennan, confirmed the news of his son’s death in a public statement. Colt was critically acclaimed for setting new records as the quarterback of the University of Hawaii. His era of success ran from 2005 to 2007 where he played a monumental role in putting Hawaii’s football on the map.

His father told ESPN about Brennan’s endeavors before his sudden death. The day before his passing, Colt Brennan was with a group of friends at a nearby hotel. Although the exact details of the event are unknown, Colt’s father confirmed the arrival of paramedics at the hotel where they found him unconscious post digesting something spiked with fentanyl.

Brennan was rushed to a nearby hospital in Newport Beach, California where he later died due to the severe effect of the drug. Terry Brennan stated that the entire family was at Colt’s side when he passed away. Just a few hours before his death, Colt Brennan had made a failed attempt to enter himself into a detox program at a nearby hospital. However, his request was denied as there were no empty beds available.

Terry Brennan spoke of his son’s passion for the treatment program. “It involved a lot of physical activity and he liked it,” stated Brennan. Colt had been working with several soldiers who had returned from Afghanistan and Iraq with problems similar to himself. As put forth by Brennan, Colt had been coping well for nearly four months until ‘something happened,’ and he went to the “dark side.”

His addiction battle wasn’t the only one fought by the 37-year-old quarterback. In 2010, Colt Brennan got into a deadly car accident that not only left him with a major brain injury but also restricted his chances of making it big in his football career. Despite several attempts to fill in the USFL Canadian Football League and Arena Football League, Colt was unable to make it work again. His father said his son was never the same after the tragic incident.

Colt Brennan had also been in trouble for his severe intoxication on multiple occasions. According to his father, Colt seemed to be stuck in an intertwined loop of bad decisions that ended up having a disastrous effect on him.

Nevertheless, Colt still stands at fourth position in career touchdown passes with 131. He will be known for his stellar skills and dedication to the game, which led him to break record after record, including the one for touchdown passes in 2006. His death garnered significant coverage across the internet, where several sports teams, including Washington expressed their devastation on Colt Brennan’s untimely death.