Columbia police department arrested three people on multiple charges after a shooting episode. The arrested individuals included brothers and a teenager who were apparently trying to kill each other.

According to the police department, 24-year-old Darrius Burgess and his 23-year-old brother Jamel Burgess were charged for attempting murder, weapon possession, involvement in a violent crime, and breaching of peace of an aggravated and high nature.

Darrius Burgess was later on charged for unlawful possession of a weapon as well. The police department did not reveal the identity of a 16-year-old teenager.

It was confirmed that he was also charged for attempting murder, weapon possession, unlawful carrying of a weapon – mainly pistol, breaching the code of conduct and peace of a high, aggravated manner, possession of ammunition by a person who is a minor and discharging firearms unlawfully while getting into a dwell.

The police department confirmed that these charges were made on these people following an incident that took place at gable oaks apartments back on 1st March 2022. The apartments are located between Fairfield Road and North Main Street which is not really far from Columbia college’s main campus.

According to the press release of Columbia police, the brothers and the teenagers got into a heated argument on some petty issue, resulting in firing shots on one another after their conflict escalated to a gruesome level.

All three people left the area soon after the shooting episode. The two brothers who live at that location also left the premises. The police reported no injuries.

When police arrived at the crime scene they recovered a loaded gun along with casings of the fired shots. Minor damages could be seen on nearby apartments and one of the parked vehicles.

The brothers and 16-year-old boy were identified as shooters and were later on arrested from other locations apart from the apartments where the shooting incident took place.

No details were recovered about why the boys got into a heated argument which led to the shooting.

The shooting episode will be investigated by the Crime Gun Intelligence Unit of the Columbia police department. The Juvenile Justice Department of South Carolina took the teenager into custody.

The brothers were detained at Richland County’s Alvin S. Glenn Detention center.

Darrius Burgess will remain in custody as he has a previous jail record but his bond for these charges was set to $40,000.

Whereas, Jamel Burgess was denied a bond as he was out on bail at the time of the shooting. He was charged on 1st January by the Columbia police for kidnapping and carjacking.