In the 21st century, the costs of living a quality lifestyle are increasing exponentially. From superior apparel to excellent internet bundles, there is nothing that comes without an exorbitant price. You may be spending a large portion of your income on paying your internet bills unknowingly. But, you don’t necessarily have to spend such a big amount on just your internet.

At present, there are several cable deals available that can help save a chunk of your income. From the Comcast cable internet bundles to the Spectrum (Time Warner Cable), there are a myriad of options available for your liking.

In this article, we have provided a detailed overview of the Comcast internet bundles, along with a couple of other internet offers.


A well-reputed organization around the world, Comcast has continued to provide exactly what consumers want and at the most reasonable rates. It not only offers premium quality TV service but also gives a unique internet package. You can avail the services of Comcast at a reasonable rate and the best part- you don’t have to give up on your traditional setup!

With services available in over 40 states of the U.S, the company provides many different packages for consumers. The Comcast cable internet bundles have come to be known as one of the best to date. You can bundle up your TV and internet service at a price of a mere $39.99 per month. However, this is only a standard package.

Users who wish to see a diverse range of channels and avail faster internet speeds can always opt for packages priced in the higher bucket. Depending on the package you pick, you can get up to 140 channels with ease, along with free access to Streampix, sports coverage, and the XFINITY TV Go App.

Thus, the Comcast cable internet bundles are an item that can’t be missed. Just make sure to read the contract thoroughly as there may be a few complex terms and conditions.

Spectrum (Time Warner Cable)

Despite changing names over the years, Spectrum has come forward to be one of the most reliable internet providers of all time. Formerly known as Time Warner Cable, Spectrum is a viable option for those looking to save money. It offers several kinds of packages, ranging from basic offers to extensive solutions.

The most basic plans offered by Spectrum are priced around $44.9 per month for a year, with access to a variety of different channels and internet speeds. Users who choose to avail this package can get 200 channels, including sports, primetime, local programming, and even free HD. With the same price for just the internet, there are fast internet speeds, antivirus software, and no data cap.

You can save even more if you choose to bundle up your cable TV and internet with Spectrum.  The Triple Select Package allows you to gain access to 125 channels, 100 Mbps internet speeds, and unlimited calling at just $99.97 each month.


Although Optimum is still new in the market, it has gained colossal success due to its offers and affordable pricing. With more than 400 channels on board, the company gives tough competition to Spectrum and Comcast cable internet bundles.

Users who choose to opt for Optimum can work on a budget and gain access to quality TV programming. The standard packages range from $40 to $70 per month. You can choose the number and type of channels you like and even the ideal internet speed that works for you.

With many different bundle combinations available, you can pick the price and options that work best for you. Additionally, you can reap benefits out of deals such as free installation, gift cards, and discounts for the first year.

A Final Count

Thus, these are some of the best cable internet bundles available in present timesWhether you choose to pick the popular Comcast bundles or try out the new Optimum cables, you’d be doing a grand favor to your wallet as a whole. Assess your requirements and choose accordingly. We wish you the best of luck!