Back in March, when the coronavirus broke out, there were predictions that a baby boom would occur in December 2020 with couples quarantining together at home. On the other hand, some believed that the opposite would happen and couples would delay their pregnancy plan because of the negative effects of the coronavirus.

There are no conclusive reports of which prediction turned out to be correct as of yet. Some hospitals and midwife organizations have reported no considerable change in the number of pregnancies; however, Michigan Medicine has reported a 10% decrease. Other hospitals have seen a 30% increase in the number of patients, such as Birthing Gently.

The National Center for Health Statistics, whose parent organization is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will be announcing the data for the 2020 birthrate in the next six months.

People have mixed views about pregnancy during the pandemic. It is a more lonely experience for some considering the social distancing rules. However, some believe it is a better experience since couples are home and have the time and energy to comfortably deal with the pregnancy.

Women have expressed that they like the idea of a secret pregnancy because they can have more privacy within lockdown. They also did not have to interact with people or socialize while they were feeling sick due to the pregnancy and nobody tried to violate their personal space by touching their bellies.

Many women have also had to go through their pregnancies alone, as their husbands were not allowed inside the hospitals for appointments due to precautionary coronavirus measures.

They are also concerned that the loneliness of going through the pregnancy alone will continue until the majority of the population has been vaccinated, as parents will not be able to take their children outside due to the risk of coronavirus infections. Many couples will also not be able to allow their extended families to meet and hold their newborn baby until the U.S. is in a more stable place.

They have also expressed sadness over not being able to hold baby showers, or gender-reveal parties, or shopping sprees for baby supplies. To come to a fair and appropriate compromise, people are resorting to face-timing their families and sending gifts to celebrate the birth of the baby in a socially distant way.