Congo – A horrific explosion at a military camp bar resulted in the death of at least eight people, and several injured.

A government spokesperson stated that the explosion occurred at a military camp bar located on the outskirts of an eastern Congo city of Goma.

Patrick Muyaya, the government spokesman said all the deceased had gathered at the Katindo military camp bar for a round of drinks approximately at 7:40 pm.

The eyewitnesses stated that it seems like a grenade was used for the explosion but none of the officials confirmed this claim.

The military camp is about 3 miles away from the central city of Goma, near the border of Rwanda. The U.N. peacekeeping missions reside in this city in large presence.

“Teams are already on site to investigate,” Muyaya stated. “We call on the population to remain calm.”

Attacks like these are rare in the Congo but this explosion hints at the mounting violence in the eastern Congo.

People have linked the explosion with militants backed by Islamic militia or Islamic extremist groups.

Militants and fighters have often targeted the military disguised as soldiers while taking part in counterinsurgency operations across the region.

There has been a rapid increase in the attacks on bars or places where alcohol is served.

A nightclub became a victim of a suicide bombing on Christmas day in Beni, resulting in six people losing their lives.

A far-fledged Islamic group had taken the responsibility for the suicide attack later on.

This latest insurgency in the region could be because of the towering inflation resulting in the incompetence of the government and other social issues which make it easier for the Islamic groups to attract innocent lives and use them for their own benefits.