On Wednesday, Facebook removed Donald Trump’s interview with daughter-in-law Lara Trump, drawing immediate criticism from conservatives, renewing their complaints against Big Tech and Section 230.

Conservatives have already filed complaints against Facebook under Section 230 and this removal of the interview triggered further fury among Trump’s loyalists.

Lara Trump, wife of Trump’s son Eric uploaded an interview on her personal Facebook and Instagram account with Donald Trump named “The Right View”.

Facebook removed the interview and emailed Lara Trump claiming that as Trump is banned from the platform and that the content uploaded featured the voice of Donald Trump, therefore it is not allowed to be published.

A second email was sent to Lara Trump warning her that because of a ban on Donald Trump no such content which has his voice will be published on the network. If any such act is repeated; there will be stricter consequences imposed on the accounts which upload them.

Eric Trump called the move “horrible” while Lara Trump claimed that “the U.S is one step closer to Orwell’s 1984”.

Lara Trump later posted the interview on a video-sharing app, Rumble which has been gaining popularity among the conservatives and Trump followers.

Sen. Lindsay Graham was one such Republican who displayed her fury openly by blaming the liberals running the Big Tech companies and she asked to renew Section 230.

Section 230 is a statute that grants legal immunity to companies from posting content by their users.

Trump has been reportedly working on launching his own social media platform after he was banned from all the big social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, in the wake of the Capitol Building attack on January 6, 2021.

Trump had a troublesome relationship with media giants all through his presidency resulting in several warnings, and red flags before finally getting banned for a lifetime.

No immediate response has been received from any spokesperson of former President Donald Trump.

This immediate removal of the content shows just how much Facebook is planning to go far in authorizing the ban on Trump.