Coronavirus is an infectious disease, which originated from Wuhan, a city in China. It is a disease that is likely transferred from animals (bats) to humans.

The first case of the coronavirus was reported in December 2019 and then it spread to the rest of the world in no time. This deadly disease has killed over two hundred thousand people in the US and has infected millions more. Experts believe that unless a vaccine is developed, the threat of coronavirus will stay the same.

What Caused the Pandemic?

On average, humans have faced over 50 major pandemics in the last 500 years and 30 to 40 of them were in the last thirty years. Moreover, on average a new disease is originated every fourth month. This shows that there is a much frequent increase in the spread of new diseases.

Some people think that humans have a major role almost 80% in introducing these new diseases to the world.

How Humans Have Contributed

Human beings have populated 75% of the land on the planet and are continuously destroying the natural life on Earth. They are not only harming themselves only but also putting the lives of animals and plants in danger.

Human activities such as deforestation, industrial farming and overfishing etc., have posed a threat to life on Earth because human activities are contributing to climate change and biodiversity loss. Our methods of getting food are breaking the food chains of animals resulting in weakened immunity levels and the inability to fight with pathogens. Destroying their homes forces them to move to populated areas and transferring diseases to humans.

Warning from Nature

Humans have been trying to change nature’s patterns. Seems like nature has been observing for a long time and has been giving small wake-up calls from time to time just in case we realize our mistakes. But now the biggest pandemic of the century has locked humans in their homes, which show that nature has decided to heal itself. Human activities are banned, while animals are free to roam and in short, the main thing that is happening in nature is that it’s healing the planet.