President Donald Trump recently raised objections to the new coronavirus relief bill proposed by the top four congressional leaders. He has demanded an increase in the direct payments as he believes the amount suggested is not enough.

Congress finally decided on the coronavirus relief package after months of negotiations between the Democrats and the Republicans. However, in a recent social media video, Trump labeled the proposal as a disgrace, which put a halt on the stimulus checks that were set to arrive in the bank accounts of Americans by early next week.

In light of the recent criticism from Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is arranging another meeting to vote for the stimulus check to be raised from the previously decided $600 to $2,000.

Even though Trump is calling for larger stimulus checks, the Republicans were against this during the negotiations. This includes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin.

Pelosi has explained that if the revisions in the proposal are unanimously accepted by the Congress, the House can pass the altered bill by Thursday. For this to happen, they would also need the support of the Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy, but he has not yet given any statements about his stance on the matter.

Trump demands larger stimulus checksThe relief package included $600 in direct payments, along with unemployment benefits and also assistance for small businesses by offer help to them to retain their employees.

Trump also hinted that he might veto the proposal altogether. The lawmakers have the power to go against the veto; however, it would result in a huge delay in the stimulus relief efforts since lawmakers would have to return from their holidays early.

The representative of the White House, Mnuchin proposed foreign aid and funding for government-sponsored art centers, which were approved. However, Trump raised objections about this as well, even though the president himself had suggested continued foreign aid funding in his budget.

Trump is previously known for using similar tactics with past spending bills, initially claiming he was going to veto them but then eventually signed them.

The president’s criticism has also made things difficult for the Republican Senators who are set to compete with the Democrats in the Georgia runoff elections in January. The Democratic contenders have also criticized the $600 payments, stating they aren’t enough; however the Republican senators did not even support adding direct payments to the relief package.