Senator Bernie Sanders believes that the bill must be signed immediately without any delay. People are suffering and Trump should sign the COVID-19 relief fund to help in any way he can.

In a recent development, Trump signed the bill and averted the likely shutdown, but he kept on delaying it initially. Donald Trump demanded that $2,000 should be paid as a stimulus check to the people. This had become a bone of contention between the Democrats and the Republicans as this demand was difficult to be fulfilled.

Senator Sanders was angry at the fact that Donald Trump is using delaying tactics in this way. He pointed out the fact that the people are going to get evicted as their rental agreements are about to expire by the end of the year.

These evictions are going to cause many Americans to lose their homes. This is only going to burden the government further and there is no other way around it than signing the relief bill.

This kind of attitude demonstrates the non-seriousness of politicians to give back to society. Even the Treasury secretary did not mention the intentions of Donald Trump for a $2,000 stimulus checks.

COVID-19 Relief Bill: Trump demands moreThis kind of diddling around will not be tolerated, Senator Sanders made it clear. People are left without any financial aid from the government at a time when the coronavirus cases are increasing.

The Democratic Party previously mentioned a 3 trillion dollar bill for the people, but it was far away from the reality, whereas the Republicans came up with a $900 million relief package for the people of America.

Ever since the package has been presented before the Congress, there have been problems between the two parties. And due to their feud, this relief package got delayed by months and now people are on the verge of getting evicted.

Sanders believes that Joe Biden is going to be a progressive president and he looks forward to his government to provide relief. But his government is not going to be formed till 20th January, and the people of America do not have this much time.

As coronavirus cases are increasing in the country, the number of unemployed people is also on the rise. Due to the lockdown and implementation of precautionary measures, many small businesses were forced to shut down their operations again.

Sanders was critical of Joe Biden as well as he expressed his grief over his cabinet ideology. One thing he focused on was the people of America as they should get relief soon.