On Monday, the Newyork Times reported that the Biden administration plans to provide booster shots to the fully vaccinated Americans. This must be done to ensure long-term protection against Covid-19. They further added that the booster shots are for all Americans who are done with their second dose regardless of their age.

The final statement has not been made yet. However, the Biden administration health and medical representatives have planned to announce the final word at the end of this week as the Food and Drug Administration approval is pending. 

The official who disclosed the expected news also added that the booster shots would begin in mid or late September this year as the delta variant is taking the world by storm. Moreover, the boosters will only be issued under FDA authorization.

In a recent new release, the Pfizer Chairman and executive official affirm that their booster shots

“elicits antibody levels that significantly exceed those seen after the two-dose”

The decision to start booster shots came after the data that the Health and the Ministry of Israel published. According to that, the Pfizer vaccines’ performance against Covid-19 has abruptly dropped to 40% to 50%. However, it is still valid for acute Covid cases but won’t work for milder ones. 

As per the Israeli Health Minister,

“There’s still a risk for long COVID and people can get quite ill from symptomatic infections, you can’t gloss over that”

The information from the Mayo Clinic and Qatar seems like they have been facing the same problem. The vaccines that used to be 95% effective are now just 45% to 50% performing. 

The reason for the vaccines becoming ineffective is still not known. However, Topol holds the vaccine shot dosage schedule liable. As for Pfizer, the vaccine was given three weeks after the first dose, and for Moderna, four weeks was the requirement. 

The short spacing could be the possible reason for the vaccine’s ineffectiveness. Due to this schedule, the memory B and T cells didn’t get enough time for development while they would have if the time spacing were generous. 

Lastly, Dr, William Moss, the Executive director of the IVAC (International Vaccine Access Center) proposed that

“I would love to see the Biden administration say we’re going to donate 10 doses for every booster dose we give,”

he further added, it is the best way to address the issue and bring the country onboard.