Covington – a massive fight between juveniles resulted in a shooting incident injuring three children and an adult.

According to the police, a 41-year-old man along with three children was reportedly shot in Covington. The police stated that the shooting was a result of a large fight amongst various juveniles.

The injured children are aged from 7-year-old to 14-year-old.

According to the police, the incident took place shortly after 6:45 pm around the intersection of Russell Street and West 17th Street.

Covington police stated “Investigation thus far is that the shooting stemmed from a large fight involving numerous juveniles. No further information will be released at this time. “

All the victims were immediately transferred to a nearby hospital but their vital status is still unknown.

One of the victims, the 14-year-old boy, is said to be in critical condition as he has been shot in the neck.

The authorities are trying to get their hands on a search warrant as the suspect is still at-large.

The families of the victims gathered around the emergency room at the Cincinnati children’s hospital.

One of the eye witnesses J. Zach, who lives in the area where the shooting episode took place stated “It makes me sick to my stomach because I see all these kids, and they are in this environment, and you know, this is not a good situation that we are in right now,”

He further added “Especially when we are getting out of COVID and everything, and all the tensions are boiling, and you are living in this environment where drug and crime are so high, and it just worries me a lot. It scares me, because I’m going to have to raise my son in this type of situation, and there is no foreseeable end to it.”

Based on the investigation, the police believe that the suspect is also a juvenile but has not released a name. The name will be released after a formal arrest.