Another spell of controversial media uproar stirs up globally with the release of US migrants’ pictures by Rep. Henry Cuellar.

The pictures incited media and public frenzy towards the controversial conditions in which the US migrants are passing their days of lives.

With the new administrative transition in the White House, the US migrants’ problem is one of the most heated political agendas at hand for the Biden management. In the wake of having inherited a total mess of the US immigration policy from the Trump administration, the current regime has made concerted efforts to deal with the situation at hand; especially with a prime focus on the plight of the children in migrant camps.

The Biden Government has declared to extend humanitarian rights for processing of the queued cases of the youngsters in line with the constitutional procedures. Nevertheless, despite intensive endeavors to deal with the migration crisis, the plight of the US migrants in the refugee camps continues.

Amidst the rising developments and limited media access to the migrant camps in the south-western border, the Republican Henry Cuellar released photographs of the US migrants’ plight in a jam-packed border facility in Texas.

As evident, there is a clear deficiency of available resources to cater to the need of all abiding in the migrant camps with the apparent cage-like comportments overflowing with numbers deemed apprehensive amidst the Corona concerns.

The deplorable condition of the US migrants camp is also seen as a gross violation of their basic rights like all other humans to observe social distancing amidst the rising strikes of the Corona pandemic.

The award-winning journalist, in a humble tweet, requested the US Customs and Border Protection authorities to put a halt to media restriction on accessing the border operations and refugee camps which according to the journalist were allowed coverage even during the past regimes such as that of Obama, Bush, and even Trump.

The White House Press Secretary, on Monday, stated that final decisions of the administration towards determining the extent of media access to border facilities was in its final round of decision making expected to be declared soon.

In response to the media queries pertaining to the portrayal of the condition of the US migrants in camps, she asserted that it was duly realized by the administration to take a responsible approach on humanitarian grounds and also clarified that their administration has long been an advocate of the fact that border patrol facilities are not meant for children, and would surely not like to see them there for long.

She further moved on to say that to send the children back after such long-suffering was something not considered by them as a right choice and that they are ensuring to ease the pressure in these US migrants’ camps in Donna, Texas.