After 28 years of performing together, Daft Punk has announced a breakup.  Kathryn Frazier, the French representative of the due has also confirmed the news. In an interview, they announced the break-up to their fans.

Daft Punk was originally formed in France in 1993 and they got their first contract from a British Record label Virgin Records in 1995.

The release of their debut album ‘Homework’ in 1997 became an instant hit and the tracks like ‘Around the World’ hit the global scene and earned the duo worldwide recognition.

They were doing well on the music scene until 2005 when after the release of the track ‘Human After All’ the duo became dormant. They have worked together on various hit projects including the soundtrack of the ‘Tron’ for Disney.

The uniqueness of their music coupled with their exceptional attire; the duo continued to rein the music scene for well over 25 years.

They had performed at the 56th Grammy Awards.

The only two tours of Daft Punk were in 1997 and 2007, and some fans had speculated that the duo would return in 2017, but fans were left disappointed.

They broke the news of their separation on video ‘Epilogue’.

The electronic music duo has sold millions of copies worldwide. They were also credited with co-producing titles such as ‘On Sight’ and “I Am a God’.

It’s still incredible that the duo has broken up without having ever really been able to put human faces revealed to their fans.

However, Guy-Manuel and Thomas Bang alter have an immense fan following, and they would be remembered as legends in the field of music, made millions of people dance to their tunes for 28 years.