According to Dakota Johnson, Tippi Hedren’s career was dilapidated by Alfred Hitchcock because of her experiences in Hollywood, which she compared to her own.

Dakota Johnson said on the “Awards Chatter” podcast of The Hollywood Reporter that despite Hedren’s abuse, she was “quite supportive” of her to pursue her career.

It was important to her to stick up for herself, and she stated she had always been honest and forceful in that regard. She also said that Alfred Hitchcock wrecked her career because she did not want to have sex with him and he terrorized her. He was never punished for his actions.

Hedren, 91, said that Hitchcock sexually attacked her many times while filming The Birds in 1963 and Marnie in 1964.

If someone in a position of authority uses that influence to oppress someone in a lower position, regardless of the industry, that is utterly unacceptable to Dakota Johnson. She says she finds it difficult to speak about her grandma because nobody wants to think of someone abusing her.

Hedren said that she kept the attack a secret since the phrases “sexual harassment” and “stalking” had not yet been used in the early 1960s.

For her comments last week about her former co-stars Shia LaBeouf, Armie Hammer, and Johnny Depp’s “cancel culture”, Johnson drew ire.

It has been reported that all three males have been accused of sexual abuse, which they all deny. Even though the performers were “canceled,” Johnson expressed her sadness and compassion for “anyone who was wounded or affected” by the decision.

It’s not something she’s encountered firsthand from any of those folks, Johnson tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Despite the loss of some of the best artists she had ever worked with, she claimed she had a wonderful time with them. She is sorry for those who may not have received care in a timely manner and sad for those who have been wounded or injured.

People like Dakota Johnson should know that holding criminals and scumbags responsible for their actions isn’t something to keep vigil over.