As the numbers of coronavirus cases escalate, the people are bound to isolate themselves in their homes. Amid this situation, comes the great news for Harry Potter fans. It is nothing short of a dream come true for almost every Potter-Head, as the famed Harry Potter-star “Daniel Radcliffe” reads the first chapter of the debut book of the famous Harry Potter series, named “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.”

Radcliffe, who played the lead “Harry Potter” role in the famous 8-movie series, is now joining hands with other stars in a lockdown reading initiative.

He will also be joined by other celebrities such as Eddie Redmayne, Stephen Fry, Noma Dumezweni, Whoopi Goldberg, and David Beckham in which each celebrity will read different sections of the book, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone/ Philosopher’s Stone.”

The first chapter of this recorded video series will be released on May 5, and the following chapters will be released throughout May and June. Special appearances are also expected through this series.

This video series will be uploaded at this link, while free audios of these narrations will also be available on Spotify.

This project is taking place in association with the author J.K Rowling’s agents “The Blair Partnership” and Wizarding World Digital. Warner Bros. and Pottermore Publishing have also helped with this initiative, which offers several quizzes, puzzles, and a fan club.

It has also been a platform for providing teachers an open license to post recordings of themselves reading the Harry Potter stories.

Recently, the author of this novel series J.K Rowling also told in one of her tweets that she launched this project.