Daytona Beach bike week – 5 motorcyclists lost their lives in a series of horrific crashes at the popular 10-day rally for the bikers.

Daytona Bike Week 2022 at the Speedway!

According to the reports, different crashes took place in Florida during the Daytona Beach bike week leaving 5 dead.

The fatal crashes took place in the counties of St. Johns and Volusia during the 10 days long event.

According to the reports, the first deadly crash took place near the area of DeLand where three motorcyclists were severely hit by a car. Two of the motorcyclists died at the spot while the third was shifted to the hospital in critical condition.

In two separate fatal crashes, two more motorcyclists succumbed to death. One of them was a 39-year-old who collided fatally with an SUV in the county of St. Johns.

A 42-year-old motorcyclist lost control of his motorbike and was found in a ditch of new Smyrna Beach.

All the accidents occurred during the Daytona Beach bike week and all took place on the premises of Daytona Beach.

It is still unclear whether the deceased bikers were taking part in the biker week event or not. The Daytona beach bike rally began this Friday and will continue till Sunday next week

Last year, eight motorcyclists died because of the deadly crashes in the Daytona Beach area, last year’s death toll was the most since the inauguration of the rally.

The website of the event states that motorcyclists from all over America gather in the area of Daytona Beach to enjoy the weather, arrival of spring, different beaches, parks, and “scenic rides throughout the Daytona Beach area and Volusia County.”

The bike week venue was not relegated to Daytona Beach only. There were more venues added to the 81st bike week which attracts visitors from across the country. This year it was expected to have more visitors and crowds than previous rallies as this was the first bike week that went ahead full throttle after the coronavirus pandemic shut things down for a good year. No extra checkpoints were made by the authorities and the police tried to make the rally route as safe and normal as the previous ones.