The 29-year-old midfielder committed nationally that if his team conquers the Champion League and carry on the glory of winning, he would provide pizzas for thousands of fans in Bergamo.

On Wednesday, Atlanta had to compete in the quarter-finals with Saint-German Paris in Lisbon. The midfielder De Roon promised that if the team proceeds to win Europe’s premier club competition, he would make pizza for his fans. He actually did stand by his saying and made pizzas for more than 1000 fans.

He told the press in a news conference that if his team wins the championship, he would deliver pizzas for his people. He also added that in case of loss, the team would try to achieve the objective next year but he would never support the defeat.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, it was decided to have a single match for the quarter-final instead of two legs. De Roon told France Football that it has given his team an edge as competing for ninety minutes with that much of a tough team is better than battling with them over two legs game.

De Roon was positive and said that the team will give their hundred percent. While expressing his thoughts he conveyed that throughout the draw, it was not expected that they would win.

Marten De Roon Keeps His Promise Of Giving Pizzas To Fans If Atlanta WinsHe also mentioned that after the first leg of the game, the whole team was anticipating that they would not reach their goal.

For them to be selected for the UEFA, it was required to conquer the final video games, which they did and everything went well afterward, he mentioned.

It wasn’t straightforward and easy for the team. They performed well and the winning has been proven a good break for them.

De Roon explains his team’s strategy by telling everyone that they don’t run extra as compared to the other teams. Instead, they work smarter and better. In the majority of the games, they stay in the competitor’s pitch. Their main focus in the match is to bring the ball back and elevate it as much as they can.

He proudly declared that you don’t need to have European Heritage to achieve your objectives and win matches. If you play with enthusiasm and focus, you can win any match and they have proved it.