Keeping an eye on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is trying to stay updated on the recent advancements, vaccine status, toll of deaths and new cases, and the state-employed policies in this regard. Different audio-visual aids are being employed to serve the cause.

Deaf people who can understand the information conveyed solely via sign language found themselves at a considerable loss when media covers US President Donald. J. Trump as most of the sessions did not have the American Sign Language interpreters.

A case was filed in the Federal court to draw the attention of the White House team to employ the interpreters for deaf people so that they can also be effectively communicated with all the COVID related material.

The essence of the plea was to highlight the importance of tones, intonation patterns, and the body language of the President during a live session on the pandemic.

It was stated before the court that the written information loses a major part of the above-mentioned aspects of the speech.

The White House To Use Sign Language Interpreters At Coronavirus BriefingsTwo complainants mentioned that they had been unable to answer the questions asked by their group members regarding coronavirus briefings.

They included the fact that how different countries and even states within the US are utilizing the services of sign language interpreters at the county level to keep deaf people at pace with other people.

Lack of effective communication is making American deaf people devoid of the opportunity to have themselves updated with the latest briefing on the ongoing pandemic by two of the renowned public experts named Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx.

The request has not been formally responded to by the court as well as by the White House correspondents till yet.

The official response to this plea will be a positive sign and will ensure the uniform transmission of important information regarding new updates, analysis, and rules specific to the pandemic.