Since the start of the pandemic, children have become a target of cybercriminals as they are circulating abusive images. It has been identified that the use of webcams and live streaming are contributing to the increase in child abuse cases online as multiple complaints have been received this year.

Images of child sexual abuse have been circulating online, and more than 100,000 complaints have been received till November.

Children have been the prime targets of the sexual predators online during the pandemic and parents must report it. Most recently, a minor has been seen engaged in Category-B sexual abuse, which is among the most severe abuse categories.

child sexual abuse images

Before the pandemic, child sexual abuse images were usually shot by someone. But during the pandemic, a rise in self-generated pictures and videos has been noticed, which is not only alarming but at the same time concerning as children may have been coerced into making that content.

In many households, children usually have their tablets and laptops equipped with a camera that the predators use. It is more important than ever for parents to keep a close watch on their children and monitor their online activities; even if they have separate rooms.

The predators are taking advantage of the internet, and parents do not feel that their children are safe anymore.

Children are easily manipulated, and they are not to be blamed for this kind of abusive activity on the internet. The entire blame goes on the predators, who are manipulating these kids using various online grooming tactics.

Children are an easy target for any predator who is looking to perform abusive leveraging digital channels. Although the term self-generated had been used in this scenario, children are not blamed for any act.

It is difficult for the parents to deal with such kind of abusive images of their children online. This sudden increase in child abuse cases makes it difficult to understand the reason behind criminals’ psychology.

Victims are mentally and physically abused, and this is all because the predator is playing with their minds. Children are sensitive by nature and they tend to give in whenever a predator manipulates them to do abusive content.

People have been using online streaming services during the pandemic, and cybercriminals are active too. Children use digital channels for a variety of reasons, and the responsibility falls on the parents to protect them.