Dermot Mulroney – the man who wooed the women across the globe with his ah-mazing performance in Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz starrer – My best friend’s wedding finally admits that he thinksJules and Michael should have ended together

He stated that “it would have been game if the sportswriter married best friend Julianne Potter”

“Didn’t everybody?! I did too in some ways, of course, as true as I played it to the story,” the Hanna actor, 58, exclusively revealed. “And of course, you know, Julia and I remain great friends. That’ll be one of those things that I will share with the rest of the world, wondering, and maybe wishing.”

“It just matured on the shelf. It’s incredible how it’s even gained meaning and value over time somehow. It’s a magical movie,” Mulroney stated.

Dermot Mulroney relived the iconic restaurant scene where Julia’s friend George starts singing “I say a little prayer” which later led to the wedding day of the infamous couple played by Mulroney and Diaz.

“But even as I sat there, things were happening on the set that I certainly never imagined. Waiters in the background with lobster claws singing along. P.J. Hogan, truly brilliant comedic director. All of that was in his mind. When I’m sitting there on that set that day, this guy jumps up [and] they all start singing. It was incredible to be on that set. He really ran his heart, I mean, it’s Rupert Everett’s scene and he did such a brilliant job with it. It’s just incredible to think it’s just one day in my life that long ago that wound up having so much impact.”

 “Everything I picture with Rupert I laugh. There’s a scene in a cab or we are all in the back of the cab. There’s this scene at the tailor where he comes in, she says that he flew in just to, you know what for the weekend or what have you,” he recalled.

The cast reunited in 2019 after the 1997 film completed its 22 years.