The situation of COVID-19 in the United States has been getting worse with each passing day. The situation is not showing any positivity and everything is on permanent lockdown. Educational institutions have not fully opened up.

On Sunday, health officials in Florida reported that approximately 15,000 cases had been reported. This is a new high of single cases reported in a day. The state of Florida accounts for almost 19.6 percent of cases a day.

According to the infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, there will be approximately 100,000 cases every day if the situation continues.

Educational institutions throughout America have been closed or partially opened. Classes are mostly conducted on online platforms. In an interview with CNN, Betsy DeVos, the education secretary, talked about how the Trump administration had no safety action plan and how they are planning to open the schools again. Students must protect themselves and take care of health measures. Regardless of the condition, the students are going to have to come back to school.

Instead of clearing up the parent’s concerns, DeVos spread more uncertainty in their minds. Parents are concerned about their children’s safety. The measures taken by the government and the schools will decide whether or not the parents will send their children to school.

DeVos Interview is spreading more concern than guidance

DeVos continued to stress the need for students to return to campus and presented no guidance. She refused to comment on whether the schools would follow the safety guidelines set out by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Trump described the measures in the Guidelines as challenging and costly.

A study conducted by the Kaiser Foundation showed that teachers are more at risk of the virus due to their age. They will therefore be more susceptible to the virus and may also have adverse health effects.

The Trump administration and the education secretary are not at all concerned about the children and the teachers. Direct policies have been established. The virus is still being treated as a common nuisance rather than a serious matter. Parents’ concerns are not being considered at all.

Questions are being raised about the credibility of DeVos as one of the main contributors to Trump’s campaign in the 2016 elections. She has had very little experience in the public education system, and her performance has been questioned at various points over the years.