The President of the United States, Donald Trump, is notorious for making claims that aren’t grounded in reality. This strategy has worked in favor of Donald Trump in the past, but how he has downplayed the impact of the pandemic is not going well – even with his supporters. The Vice President of the United States Mike Pence made a claim while facing his rival Kamala Harris that the president has added 11.6 million jobs to the economy during the pandemic with his policies and various initiatives.

This claim of Pence is indeed true and his opponent, well, she’s right to a certain extent as well. The US economy added more jobs that are around the same figure as quoted by Pence, but what is incorrect in his statement is that the policies and efforts of the current administration are the reason behind it. As the countries around the world are easing up on lockdown, businesses are hiring back their employees which they had to let go.

Did Trump Really Add 11.6M Jobs to U.S. Economy During PandemicTrump also tried to boast how his administration has successfully maintained a balance between economic interest and public health. But these are also incorrect claims as their policies did not contribute much to create new employment in the country.

Many companies in the US during the early months of the pandemic had to let go of their employees in order to survive. But the situation started to improve when lockdown measures were eased up and the businesses started rehiring while following the recommendations of the CDC to prevent the virus from spreading. Now that people have adequate awareness on how to avoid getting infected by following various safety protocols in public, the overall economic situation is improving. The pandemic and the lockdown after it took many businesses by surprise, however, the situation started to improve after a few months when companies realized how to embrace the new norm.

Mike Pence, on the other hand, failed to back up his claim with any data. There’s no data that suggests that initiatives of the current administrations had anything to do with the jobs being added to the US economy.


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